Newsweek Makes Michele Bachmann Look a Hot Mess

| On 10, Aug 2011

Who in the hell left the gate open on Michele Bachmann's picture on this cover? (Photo courtesy of Newsweek)

I almost cried real tears when I saw this photo being roasted on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night.

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann appeared on this week’s issue of Newsweek. Aside from her radical views, the cover photo got even more attention.

Newsweek knows they are DEAD WRONG for choosing this jacked up picture of Bachmann. She has a “deer in the headlights” look on her face that makes her look insane. Hell, she’s not even looking AT the camera!

It’s still funny though….

One compliment I can give Bachmann is that she has her fair share of beauty. She’s always well put-together and usually made up. But, this photo seems like it was the first one taken when they were testing the lighting. She just looks out-of-it and on another planet. The photo shouldn’t necessarily match her political views. Lol..

Shame on Newsweek trying to be funny! lol…

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