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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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NFL Fires Hank Williams, Jr. for Obama/Hitler Comparison

| On 09, Oct 2011


These are the famous words that Hank Williams Jr. screamed on Monday nights for 22 years until this past week. The country singer was caught up in a scandal after appearing on FOX News on October 3.

In his interview on “Fox & Friends,” Williams likened President Obama playing golf with House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to a mock situation of Adolf Hitler playing with Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Williams is obviously a staunch Republican and has been a vocal critic of President Obama.

The comment made waves throughout the media for its sharp comparison. Williams later apologized for the outburst claiming that he “[respects] the Office of the President.”

It was too little, too late for the NFL, though. They fired Williams from his post delivering the popular line during Monday Night Football broadcasts.

In response to the firing, Williams was much more pointed. He said: “I have made MY decision. … Me, My Song, and All My Rowdy Friends are OUT OF HERE.” Hmm ok.

I don’t agree with what Williams said and I understand the NFL not wanting to risk association with him. But at the end of the day, Williams still has a right to free speech. I guess when you’re working with major brands you need to keep the dictator references at home.

The better question now is, “[Is Hank] ready for some UNEMPLOYMENT??” It won’t matter though. I’m sure he was paid handsomely from the MNF gig.

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