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NJ Councilwoman Beats Her Sister’s Ass Over Her Weight

| On 09, Mar 2011

Now, if this isn’t an odd story, I don’t know what is.

Police were called the house of Clifton, NJ Councilwoman Mary Sadrakula, 55, on February 22 after someone in her home called 911 “by mistake” and then hung up. When the 911 operator called back, the councilwoman picked up the phone, said she was having trouble with the phone line, and that everything was ok.

The only problem was that you could hear a female in the background saying, “Bullshit! She hit me.” After another call back and Sadrakula saying everything was ok and using her “phone trouble” story again, police got suspicious and went to the house.

In the driveway, they found Sadrakula’s sister with a broken nose and tailbone. The woman claims that Sadrakula hit her because she is thinner than the councilwoman.

Yes, these two grown-ass women got in a fight about WEIGHT!! And on top of that, the councilwoman (a lawmaker) beat her own sister to a pulp. Who does that?

Sadrakula was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She plead not guilty and was released on $1,500 bail.

If the councilwoman is that unhappy about her weight, she may want to take out that anger on a treadmill instead of her relatives. Her home should not be a WWF Smackdown location.

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