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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il Dead at 69

| On 19, Dec 2011

North Koreans received a dose of sad news on Saturday when their beloved dictator, Kim Jong Il II, died of a heart attack on a train. He was 69 years old.

Now let’s be clear. When I say “beloved,” I mean the North Koreans loved him. People in other parts of the world either didn’t care or started doing cartwheels when they heard he passed away. The BBC reported that North Koreans were openly crying in the streets upon hearing the news. The media in their country was so tightly controlled that he had them believing he was good and the rest of the world was evil.

And yes, the news broke late on this story. North Korean officials sat on the death news for two whole days before releasing it to the media. Strange…

Kimmy, as I will “affectionately” call him, was a dictator in the most accurate sense of the word. He did not play about keeping the iron grip on his people at all times. The few outside reporters who had access to the nation’s capital, Pyongyang, reported that the streets when dark at night. It was also widely rumored that while the country boasted a strong military, it’s people often went hungry and cold during the winters. Thousands of North Koreans have died from starvation over the years.

Kimmy, of course, lived like a king. He ate the best foods, shopped internationally, and remained disconnected from the realities of the people he controlled.

His leadership and nuclear capabilities also posed a threat to neighboring South Korea and the stability of Southeast Asia.

Still, the fear and mystery around the man was not enough to stop the “great mental and physical strain” Kimmy suffered on Saturday, according to state television. They said that several attempts to revive him during his heart attack were unsuccessful. It has also been rumored that he suffered a stroke in 2009 because of outward changes in his appearance.

His funeral will take place on December 28-29 in Pyongyang.

Get into the above video of people CRYING in North Korea from news of his death! I’m looking at them like, “Are you serious, ma’am??”

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