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Now Herman Cain Blames Rick Perry for the Harassment Leak?!

| On 03, Nov 2011

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain gives an amazing side-eye to all of his haters. This one's for you Rick Perry! (Photo credit unknown)

I should be a psychic, I tell you.

In yesterday’s post about the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal, I said that he needed to look a little closer to home when placing blame on the people that dug this up. In the beginning, Republicans were saying that it was Democrats who were trying to stir the pot on Cain’s inappropriate conduct in the late 1990’s at the National Restaurant Association.

Now, Cain has switched his story. (What’s new?) One of Cain’s former 2004 Senate campaign operatives now works for TX-Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign. So, Cain has accused Perry’s team of bringing up the past in an effort to discredit him. Drama, drama!

I could have told Cain myself that this was going to happen. Democrats and liberals are NOT checking for him like that yet unless he wins the GOP nomination next year. He’s not even a full front-runner yet. When it comes to politics, you have to look a lot closer to home when stuff hits the fan. There are seven other contenders for the GOP nomination and he thinks a Democrat pulled this stunt? Wow.

I’m not here to minimize true sexual harassment. But, whomever brought this issue back to light is confusing me. Why does it really matter now? To my knowledge it was settled with money and the accusers have a gag order. What exactly are they looking for other than the spotlight?

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