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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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NYC Muslims Who Change Names Are Police Targets

| On 27, Oct 2011

Muslims in New York City cannot catch a break. Now they are being profiled when they make official name changes with the city. (Photo credit unknown)

New Yorkers … beware that Big Brother is watching you if you decide to change your name and stay in the city.

In the Big Apple, The Associated Press uncovered a practice that all persons changing their last names in the city get a closer side-eye from terrorism officials. The thought is that people may try to assimilate long before they commit a crime so they fall under the radar. Authorities are trying to catch people before they fall too deep in the “cracks.” Hmm…

The catch is that those from Muslim countries or with last name’s from those regions get extra scrutiny. I mean, they will get all up in your mix. They want to see business licenses, immigration documents, travel records, and probably the calorie count for the dinner they ate last night.

Police even go as far as interviewing specific people who change their names in the city and follow others as they carry on daily activities. This is like some shit right out of a movie.

I can kinda see why they do this if you look at it purely on paper. They want to protect residents in a city already hit with a devastating terrorist attack. But, there’s no guarantee or confirmation they are uncovering any wrongdoing. I’m all for vigilance, but this extra focus on Muslims all the time worries the hell out of me. It’s flat-out profiling in most respects.

The Transportation Safety Administration (or TSA, for short) at our nation’s airports has been practicing this in some form already. The (un)friendly people there have been known to pull aside or demand additional screening for passengers with Muslim-sounding last names. So, the overall practice is not new.

Regarding the name tracking in New York, police officials who were asked about the legality of this type of monitoring had no comment, according to The Associated Press. 

Of course they didn’t. ::sigh::

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