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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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Occupy Chicago Protesters Get Dumped With McDonald’s Apps

| On 04, Nov 2011

Here's a shot of some Occupy Chicago protesters. They were recently rained on with McDonald's applications while protesting in the city. (AP Photo by Paul Beaty)

Occupy Chicago protesters staged a teach-in this week at the Chicago Board of Trade. During the event, they were littered with paper from traders standing on a balcony above them. They found out that the papers were actual applications to McDonald’s. Wow! How disrespectful.

The traders also posted signs that read “We are the 1%” on their building in October as a dig on the protesters claims that they are “the 99%.”

So, we see the pattern here. Chicago Board of Trade workers are pricks … and I’m being kind. And that’s fine. They earned the right to not give a damn about the rest of people. They earned their money. They aren’t really “the” problem, but rather the product of it … and the protesters need to understand that.

However, this idea of acting like the Occupy protesters don’t deserve respect just because they speak truth to power is getting really old. Nobody took away the credibility of Tea Party protesters who were dressing up in Revolutionary War costumes on the National Mall to show their distaste for the status quo. Nobody threw copies of the Constitution, the president’s birth certificate, or the official 2008 presidential results (showing that Obama WON) at them.

And since with all this student loan and credit card debt out here, how is working at McDonald’s (entry level) going to solve that? Are they paying $25/hour and I missed it?

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