OH-Gov. John Kasich Doesn’t Read In-State Newspapers

| On 29, Nov 2011

Well, well, well…. It seems like the heat of being Ohio’s governor is slowly chipping away at John Kasich.

In a recent unveiling of the state’s new license plates and driver license designs, Kasich touched on a few issues. On a side note, he let people know that he is not a fan of the state’s newspapers and doesn’t read them. He says that the news is not uplifting enough.

I guess it would be hard to read newspapers when his name is plastered all over the front of them in defeat. He recently lost his bid to push through Issue 2 that would have taken away the collective bargaining rights of the state’s union workers.

Kasich’s approval ratings have also been in the shitter. And many Ohioans, if given the opportunity for a do-over from last year’s election, said they would have re-elected former Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat. I’m not sure I would want to read that either.

Kasich must finally realize that newspapers in the state are not going to blow smoke up his ass like FOX News did when he was an analyst. He’s not making many friends as governor.

Like with any ineffective leader, Kasich has chosen to continue to ignore the people of the state instead of SERVING them. When they say something he doesn’t like, he turns the other way. That’s the mark of a terrible executive!

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