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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Ohio Statehouse May Open a Bar On the Premises

| On 18, Aug 2011

You may soon be able to get a double of whatever the bartender is pouring at the Ohio Statehouse, if their bar opens.

Tequila shots, a glass of wine, or a good ole’ ice cold beer may be coming soon for legislators in Ohio’s capital city.

State officials in Columbus are tossing around ideas of serving drinks in the basement area where the Capitol Café recently opened. The place would cater mostly to lawmakers, but perhaps to reserved public events as well. The space is not set up for a bar, so all of the spirits would have to be carried in.

Supporters point to how practical a bar would be in the Statehouse. Lawmakers drink at several of the bars in downtown Columbus already. Putting one of the Statehouse grounds would provide another revenue source. Many events held there already serve liquor.

Of course, opponents to the plan say politics and liquor should not mix. Ha! Have they met Gov. John Kasich? He is pile-driving the state into the pits! They should be sending a six-pack of beer each month to every Ohio household. I know some of the lawmakers need a stiff drink daily after working in that chaos.

Whatever they decide to do in Columbus, the bar needs to be open to the general public. Ohioans need a public place to drown their political sorrows about some of the piss-poor legislation coming out of the Statehouse.

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