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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Ohioans Want ‘Return to Sender’ Option on Gov. John Kasich

| On 15, Mar 2011

The verdict is in on Ohio Gov. John Kasich. "What in THEE HELL is he doing?"

This news doesn’t surprise me AT ALL. In fact, I’m still cocking a side-eye at voters in The Buckeye State for putting themselves in this position.

A new poll in Ohio found that voters are incredibly unhappy with the performance of their new Governor John Kasich, a Republican. Only 35 percent of the 559 respondents in the PPP poll approve of the job he is doing. The former FOX News contributor and Lehman Brothers employee has earned his rightful places on his constituents’ shit-list within the first two months on the job. Kasich became the state’s 69th governor on January 10.

Ohio has become embroiled in the collective bargaining controversy with unions in recent weeks. In an effort to balance the budget (and break the backs of union members), the Republican-controlled Senate passed Senate Bill 5 to remove collective bargaining from public unions. The issue upended the state and immediately got people to see that Kasich was there to wreck shop in Columbus.

Kasich also had major hiccups with race relations when he failed to initially appoint any minorities (black or otherwise) to his Cabinet. He later corrected that and hired an African-American male. Kasich also called a state trooper “an idiot” who ticketed him back in 2008. Mind you, state troopers work for him and help him enforce the laws he oversees.

Voters were also polled to find out whether they would vote for Kasich if the election were held today against former Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat. Kasich only earned 40 percent of support to Strickland’s 55 percent. In the November 2010 contest, Kasich beat Strickland by a 49-47 percent margin.

The saddest part for me is that Kasich, like myself, is an alumnus of The Ohio State University. His performance is NOT becoming of a fellow Buckeye. lol…

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