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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Ohio’s Gov. Kasich Shows His Conservative Ass

| On 17, Feb 2011

Ohio Gov. John Kasich points the massive air bubble underneath his skull.

Since his inauguration in January, I have been easy on Ohio Governor John Kasich. However, the charade is over and I have to roll up my sleeves and get real with this guy.

What in all hell is Kasich doing with the State of Ohio? Has the gate fallen off of the entire place?

The latest uproar is about the right of union members to have collective bargaining, or voluntary negotiations, at the state and local levels. Conservatives, like Kasich, want to lessen union powers to save the state money since it is facing an $8 billion shortfall. Union members and their supporters think that’s bullshit and feel it’s another attempt to break the power of unions. They also feel that it makes the unions pay for a financial crisis they didn’t cause.

At least 1,000 union members descended on the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus today to protest Senate Bill 5. Former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, whom Kasich defeated in November, was among the protesters. The senate committee heard from those supporting the bill on Tuesday. Today, they heard (and pretty loudly) from those opposing it.

So, here we are just a month and a half after his first day in office. All hell has already broken loose in the Buckeye State. Let me remind you of two of Kasich’s other failures:

  • Kasich seemed to have a real problem with ANYONE of color (black or otherwise) earning a spot in his Cabinet. There was a major fallout when the original Cabinet he presented was all white, a first in the state since 1962. He told a black state legislator, “I don’t need your people.” His “concession” was to appoint a Director of Minority Outreach, an African-American woman, who was not Cabinet-level and was already serving in the role. In the end, he appointed Michael B. Colbert, an African-American male, as the head of the Ohio Dept. of Job and Family Services. So now, he has ONE person of color on his Cabinet. ::sigh::
  • In a recent speech, he referred to the officer that pulled him over at a traffic stop in January 2008 as “an idiot.” That officer works for the Ohio State Highway Patrol, a state agency that he controls. Kasich made the comment THIS MONTH, as governor. Police are pissed off because they are just following orders. (Kasich was pulled over for not moving over one lane for an emergency vehicle stopped on the shoulder).

Ohioans … this is the governor that many of YOU elected?! What in the name of sweet baby Jesus were you thinking?

I’ll wait…

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