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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Pepper Spray Was So Unnecessary On UC Davis Students (VIDEO)

| On 22, Nov 2011

This video pisses me off in the worst way.

Watch the UC Davis police department turn on Occupy UC Davis students last Friday and pepper-spray them right in their faces. You may have seen several of these images plastered all over TV this past weekend. The students were using the Occupy movement to peacefully protest cuts in higher education and rising college tuition in California.

Get this. At the time of the incident, the students were simply blocking access to some tents they set up that I’m assuming the police wanted removed. As evidenced by the video, they posed no real threat to the officers. For that, they were all blasted with a liquid that’s 20 times more powerful than tabasco sauce.

After the pepper spray job, you can see the officers STILL had weapons drawn on the protesters and crowd that gathered. I’ve seen less artillery on soldiers in downtown Baghdad!

Aren’t these campus police supposed to be fighting some real crime? You give somebody a badge these days and they get drunk with power.

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