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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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POTUS Calls Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

| On 24, Feb 2011

President Obama swoons over the idea of the Defense of Marriage Act one day being struck down. He also shows off his nice "traditional marriage" ring. lol..

In a victory of LGBT activists across the country, President Obama did an about-face on his position of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) of 1996.

The president says that he and his Attorney General Eric Holder will no longer defend the law in court, calling it “unconstitutional.” The policy defines marriage as between “one man and one woman.”

The reality is that President Obama’s shift on the policy looks great on paper, but does little to change the day-to-day life of people affected by it. Gay couples with one surviving partner still cannot collect federal benefits (Social Security, etc.) on behalf of the other partner, for instance. According to the Kansas City Star, there are 1,140 laws and policies about marriage on the books that will still remain in place.

Let’s remember that the executive branch (Obama & Co.) EXECUTE the laws that the legislative branch (Boehner, Pelosi, etc.) MAKE. Until DOMA is struck down by Congress or overturned by a court, then it’s still firmly in place and the president will have to enforce it.

With the bitter bitch sentiment flowing through the tapwater in D.C., I don’t expect Congress (not the House, at least) to come up off of some anti-DOMA votes anytime in the next two years. They’ll all but guarantee a blockade on tackling this one.

I’ll give Obama and Holder an ‘A’ for effort though … kinda … *sigh*

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