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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Pres. Obama Floods Twitter and Gets Unfollowed

| On 01, Aug 2011

Lonely president. Why are so many of you all treating Pres. Obama so bad on Twitter?! lol.. (Photo courtesy AP)

The tone in Washington has everyone on edge lately, even over the smallest details from politicians.

Last Friday in a televised speech, President Obama gave an update on the debt ceiling situation. He also asked, like he did last Monday, for people to contact their Congressional representatives to voice their opinions about getting a compromise reached. This time he asked that people send tweets to their representatives in addition to calls and emails.

After the speech, “the president” (read: his staff) sent a barrage of tweets listing the Twitter handles of several Congress members. They went through each of the 50 states listing all of the GOP members on Twitter. That’s a lot of damn members.

Some of the president’s over nine million Twitter followers were pretty pissed that their timelines were overloaded with his messages. So about 30,000 of them started unfollowing him in response. LOL!

Here is a sample of the president’s Twitter overload:

The moral of the story is to keep your tweets BRIEF! If people need to research a mountain of information, Google is right in our browsers.

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