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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Pres. Obama Gives Primetime Speech on Debt Ceiling

| On 26, Jul 2011

President Obama took to the primetime airwaves on Monday night to give the American people a direct update on the status of the debt ceiling talks.

Essentially, the president let us know that we don’t yet have a deal and Congress has ONE week to act. He made his case for why the debt ceiling must be raised and how many of his predecessors did the exact same thing.

The president does not support a short-term (six-month) deal with the debt ceiling. He wants members of Congress to roll up their sleeves and work on something that will take the country through 2013.

Thankfully, the Commander-In-Chief was MUCH calmer in this speech than the press conference he held on Friday evening.

However, he did shake up the game a little bit by asking the American people to call their Congressional representatives and demand a balanced approach to solving the debt crisis. There were at least a few Americans listening to what he said because the House and Senate websites were immediately slow or overloaded with traffic.

It just proves my point that the American people are fed up with inaction and a government that won’t sit down and get shit done!

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