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Pres. Obama Lays Down the Law In Debt Ceiling Presser

| On 25, Jul 2011

Friday was a rough day for President Obama. I’m sure he wanted to light one end of a pack of Marlboro Lights and smoke the whole thing at one time. This debt ceiling nonsense may take him to that dark place.

The president gave a press conference on Friday evening to update the media on the talks to raise the nation’s debt ceiling by August 2. In short, the negotiations had stalled and no progress was made.

President Obama, however, didn’t take lightly to this setback. He called House Speaker John Boehner on the carpet about not answering his phone calls. He blamed Republicans for their unwillingness to compromise after Democrats gave in. The president was testy, agitated, and took a whole lot of side-jabs at the opposition.


Now watch for yourself….

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