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Prune Juice Media | January 21, 2018

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Pres. Obama Sends American Jobs Act to Congress

| On 12, Sep 2011

President Obama yelled at Congress on Thursday that he would deliver them a jobs bill. He came through on Monday morning. (Photo by ABC News)

President Obama is continuing the work he started in his testy speech on Thursday to a joint session of Congress.

On Monday, he delivered remarks to the public as he prepared to send the American Jobs Act legislation over to Congress for consideration. The $450 billion plan is designed to help get Americans back to work, focusing on some tax breaks and increases, construction projects, teachers, small businesses, etc.

One claim by the Administration is that the jobs plan will not add to our shitty federal deficit. It will be paid for through tax increases and further deficit cuts elsewhere. The president’s tagline is that Congress must pass this bill NOW since it has ideas from both Democrats and Republicans. ::coughNOTSOFASTcough::

**Check out the White House’s fact sheet on the American Jobs Act. It goes into a lot more detail than the president gave in his speech last Thursday evening.**

Speaker of the House John Boehner has already thrown a few stones at the plan saying that all of the president’s ideas shouldn’t have been included in one bill.

::pauses and looks around::

I haven’t seen any jobs package coming from the 112th Congress under Boehner’s leadership. So, why is he so critical now?

Speaker Boehner says he will let Congressional Republicans decide what issues they have with the bill. On a brighter note, Boehner did say that he doesn’t see why it shouldn’t pass. That’s the perfect low bar from which we can start! ::shrug::

By no means am I saying the president’s plan is perfect. But, obstructing progress is not a strategy. I really hope the American people will keep the pressure on their representatives to do something about this jobs crisis. It’s going to take work from EVERYONE, but Congress must also do its part.

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