Pres. Obama “Smokes Crack,” According to Texas College Republicans

| On 21, Dec 2011

Conservatives are training them young. College Republicans have taken to Twitter to slander President Obama with drug use references. How classy! (Photo by WDCPIX.COM/Lauren Victoria Burke)

As I read this headline, I keep thinking of the nonsense that says we now live in a “post-racial society.” LIES!! lol…

The University of Texas is once again the scene of the crime of throwing shade at the Office of the President of the United States. The campus group, College Republicans, has found itself in hot water over public comments made about President Barack Obama.

The organization’s president, Cassandra Wright, recently tweeted:

“My president is black, he snorts a lot of crack.”

Of course, people read this, forwarded it, and the comment made its way into the media. So, what did Wright do? She made her Twitter profile private and never owned up to what she said. Atta girl, Cassie!

It’s not the most hateful thing I have heard about the president, but still. He is the Commander-In-Chief. I would think that someone so close to politics at a college level would have the decency to tweet about the president in a way that doesn’t jeopardize their education.

This isn’t the first time that the University of Texas group has been involved in controversy, though. Their immediate past president of the College Republicans, Lauren Pierce, made a veiled reference to an assassination attempt on the President Obama being “tempting.” In response, the new president aligned herself with Pierce and did not denounce the comments.

So, this looks to be an unbroken pattern of stupidity from people that are supposedly trying to make “the system” better. Yeah ok…

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