Pres. Obama’s Deficit Reduction Plan Pisses Off GOP Lawmakers

| On 19, Sep 2011

President Obama delivers a tough financial pill in the form of a deficit reduction plan. (Photo by ABC News)

President Obama presented a plan on Monday to begin to tackle the nation’s overblown deficit. In true fashion, some people are trying to kill off any sign of progress before it happens.

The plan is pretty straightforward and to-the-point. The tax system is not fair. It is weighted heavily for the rich to win and the middle class to keep praying for a breakthrough.

The deficit reduction plan will even out the tax distribution between the working class and millionaires and billionaires to make it more equitable. The president is proposing $2 trillion in new cuts to entitlement programs and tax increases on anyone making over $1 million. The president wants a total of $4 trillion in spending cuts over 12 years. A “trigger” would be activated in 2014 if initial goals aren’t met. That will force across the board spending cuts and tax increases.

President Obama put the fight in terms of simple math. Like Beyonce said, “1 + 1 equals twooooo.” Any deficit-reduction plan must include revenue raisers (i.e., tax increases) in order to get us out of debt. Of course, the middle class and the rich must work together to share in cuts to programs.

The president was firm in his delivery on Monday and reminded onlookers, “This isn’t class warfare. It’s math.” Well, there you have it.

Don’t forget. We bought two illegal wars and an unfunded Medicare prescription drug plan BEFORE Obama took office. All of that, plus his new spending, has to be paid for.

Despite the reality, the GOP has got to be pissed the hell off at the plan. I can imagine that House Speaker John Boehner’s face turned a deep tangerine orange-ish color. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is about ready to fill up his Depends at any second.

You know the GOP does not get into anyone raising taxes on their beloved millionaires and corporate pimps! Where will their special interest campaign money come from?

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