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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Pres. Obama’s Rousing King Memorial Keynote Filled With Irony

| On 17, Oct 2011

On Sunday, the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial was dedicated on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

One standout performance among the speakers was President Obama. Now, he is a great orator, but something about this speech struck me.

The president is against the backdrop of a man who fought seemingly impossible odds and criticism for change. People laughed at and ridiculed Dr. King. I’m not saying President Obama is ANYTHING like King. However, slight comparisons between the two leaders are quite easy. It’s not an ass-kiss for Obama, as much as an opportunity to state the obvious.

I believe the president smartly used the opportunity to weave in historical references while reminding the audience that we are STILL fighting today. The battle may not look the same, but he urged the audience to remain vigilant like Dr. King and all the people of his time.

Personally, I could hear a hint of campaign speech without an overtly political overtone. The president played the balancing act well. He definitely got some digs in at his detractors without calling them out.

Click here to watch the King Memorial Dedication in its three-hour entirety.


What did you think of President Obama’s speech at the King Memorial? Was it appropriate or too political?

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