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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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President Obama Addresses Joplin, MO Tornado Victims

| On 31, May 2011

President Obama traveled to Joplin, Missouri on Sunday to speak to the victims of the May 22 EF-5 tornado that killed over 130 people.

He framed the Joplin tragedy as a “national” one, not just something limited to Missouri. In addition, he reassured the people that the U.S. stands with them during the difficult days ahead, even as the headlines may reflect otherwise.

All last week, the president was in Europe on international business that included the G-8 Summit in Deauville, France. He took a little heat in the press for not immediately heading to Joplin, but his trip, meetings, and the Summit were already planned. FEMA director, Craig Fugate, and other federal officials were onsite in the hours and days after the tragedy, so I don’t see where the issue was.


This is the second time in just over a month that the president has, unfortunately, had to address a city that was obliterated in the wake of a powerful spring storm. He and Mrs. Obama made a brief appearance in Tuscaloosa, Alabama after their April 27 storm.

Sidenote: President Obama’s comments begin at the 14:00 mark.

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