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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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President Obama Checks a Dallas Reporter After Interview

| On 20, Apr 2011

President Obama is a pretty media-savvy individual who takes a lot of heat from the press on a daily basis.

But, he is here to let you know that one thing you WILL NOT do in his interviews is cut him off. He already got in Brett Baier’s ass (FOX News) about that last year. President Obama does not play that!

Watch him SMOKE Brad Watson, the political correspondent of WFAA-TV in Dallas, about this very same thing after their interview at the White House this week. Watson honed in on questions about Texas politics and the president’s unpopularity in the conservative state. Watson seemed to think that Texas was a lost cause for Obama’s reelection efforts. At times, Watson over-talked the president or would not allow him to finish his answers.

Leave it to President Obama to tap his “inner South Side of Chicago” as he was removing his mic after the chat! lol…

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