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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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President Obama FINALLY Releases His Birth Certificate

| On 27, Apr 2011

Well, look what we have here. President Obama is REALLY an American citizen. Who'da thunk it?

In a totally unexpected move this morning, the White House handed reporters copies of Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate from the state of Hawaii. This is major news for the president because it strikes right at the heart of the ‘Birther’ argument that he is not truly an American citizen.

So, the president indirectly told Donald Trump, Orly Taitz, and every other crazy birther to kiss his entire biracial ass!

My main question is why didn’t the White House release this document three years ago when the rumors surfaced? It at least would have nipped it in the bud. I understand the president not addressing every single detractor, but this story has NOT disappeared since he took office.

Can we now put this lame ass issue to rest?!?!

Here is the President Obama’s long-form birth certificate (see PDF).

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