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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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President Obama Has to BYOB to Pub In Ireland

| On 13, May 2011

Ahhhhh ... refreshing! Too bad President Obama has to bring his own to Ireland when he visits. *sigh*

This is a metaphor for the kind of sad, terrorist threat-filled world we live in now. Our president can’t even have a cold beer when he travels abroad anymore.

Later this month, President Obama will travel to Ireland and make a stop in Dublin. It’s traditional that American presidents stop and sample the local beers. Who could go to Ireland and NOT have a beer?! Well, I guess the president is one of the first people to miss out.

The Secret Service will bring beer from the White House for him to drink when he visits Ollie Hayes’ Bar. (Yes, the White House brews its own beer!) There are concerns of possible retaliation against the president for the recent take-out of Osama bin Laden. They are leaving nothing to chance by not having the president drink local beer.

I see their point in keeping the president safe. But, that’s really gotta suck that he really can’t do anything like a normal person outside of the White House. He can’t drive, walk off the grounds alone, talk with regular people, and now, have an authentic Irish beer in peace. I know I would be mad!

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