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President Obama and His Latest YouTube Q&A

| On 28, Jan 2011

President Obama hosted a YouTube Q&A on Thursday afternoon at the White House. The interview was kinda simple, if you ask me.

President Obama spent about 35 minutes on Thursday afternoon participating in yet another YouTube Q&A. Video and written questions were submitted from all corners of the country.

The “interview” was not as long as I thought it would be. It was designed as an outreach extension of the State of the Union address on Tuesday, so many of the topics and answers were repeats from Tuesday night’s speech.

One question that DID pique my interest was a submission about the cost of food. Someone asked why is it cheaper to feed your kids Froot Loops instead of fresh fruit. I almost jumped into a *church shout* on that one. The president didn’t answer the question directly, but pointed to the Administration’s efforts to curb childhood obesity and promote exercise among young people. I still need to know why a slab of bacon is cheaper than a fresh pineapple. I NEED ANSWERS!!

The president also took questions on some of the following topics…

  • Math/science education
  • Valentine’s Day plans
  • His SuperBowl pick (Hint: He’s neutral)
  • Unrest in Tunisia
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Clean energy plans
  • Drug policy
  • Prescription drugs
  • DREAM Act

YouTube says that over 142,000 questions were submitted. In mind, it felt as if they only him five of those questions, though they asked more. It was a good effort, even showing a slightly more personal side to the president.

But, I walked away feeling like I wanted more from this interview. Maybe it was just me….

Sidenote: YouTube has disabled the embedding feature that allows me to post the video directly on my site. Please click the hyperlink above or click here to watch the video in its entirety.

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