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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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President Obama Is Now a Non-Smoker

| On 08, Feb 2011

President Obama has a reason to grin now that doesn't blow smoke rings outside of the White House anymore.

First lady Michelle Obama announced today that her husband is officially a non-smoker. She says that he has been smoke-free for nearly a year now.

We reported this rumor in early December when it was posed to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in a briefing. So, it seems that it was true. Good for President Obama!

Mrs. Obama explained that as their children get older, it was important for POTUS to be able to look them in the eyes and say he was a non-smoker. For the first year of his term, he would step outside to take a puff during the day and at night.

The most important piece the first lady shared was that she DID NOT PRESSURE her husband to quit, nor did she nag him once he stopped. She understood how tough of a decision it was, so she backed off. HIGH-EFFIN-FIVE to Mrs. Obama!

Sidenote: I still might the president a spare carton of ciggys on me! He needs something to handle the avalanche of criticism he takes everyday. It’ll be our little secret, Mr. President.

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