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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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President Obama’s Facebook Town Hall Was a Scripted Snooze

| On 21, Apr 2011

President Obama chats with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at the company's headquarters in Palo Alto, California. (Photo courtest of

The hype that was built around President Obama’s Facebook town hall today was just that … HYPE!

It wasn’t a bad event at all, but if you keep up with the White House and politics with any regularity you will know that NOTHING NEW came out of this town hall discussion. The questions were pre-screened and a few people in the audience got to question the president directly.

Obama’s response to the first question about solutions on the debt and tax reform was SO FREAKING LONG that I forgot about the question after his five-minute answer. This set the stage for other drawn out answers on healthcare, the budget, and job creation later in the chat.

I was pleased that they took a question about the DREAM Act and President Obama explained exactly why it was so important. For those that don’t know, the proposed legislation allows children of illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents as young children to find a pathway to U.S. citizenship. It did not pass the lame duck session of Congress late last year, however.

Overall, it was a carefully coordinated hour of a presidential speech just in a Q&A format. And that’s fine if you never really care what he has to say and thought Facebook would be a great way to learn something. Personally, I was looking for something much further off script and giving me some real insight into his presidency, decision-making, and true ERRORS he’s made (since he didn’t fully answer that question at the end).

***insert deep sigh***

Click here to see the White House transcript of the Facebook town hall discussion. Video has not yet been posted of the event.

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