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Protesters Surround White House to Boycott Oil Pipeline

| On 07, Nov 2011

An oil pipeline between Russia and China is pictured. You could see this running right through the Midwest in due time.

Protest is the new black now. 

At the White House on Sunday, protesters surrounded the building (well the public space a good distance away from it) to speak out against the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline that environmentalists despise. They walked around the building carrying a replica of the pipeline and chanted, “Stop the pipeline, yes we can!”

TransCanada is building a 1,700 mile pipeline from the oil fields of Canada to refineries in Texas. Environmentalists are up in arms about this because the crude oil flowing through the pipeline is toxic.

Of course, all that long stretch of pipeline is being placed right over streams, wetlands, and communities. If there is a spill or leak from the pipe … well, use your imagination. It will be the Gulf oil spill only on land. That’s never a good look.

President Obama says the State Department will have a final say on whether or not the pipeline will be approved. He did say that he would weigh in if he felt that it would endanger the American people.

My question is, “What happened to the president that was supposed to fight for clean and renewable energy?” We are a year and a half out from the greatest oil spill in the history of the U.S. and we are STILL talking about crude oil (even in the private sector)? It’s not that I hate fossil fuels, but you can’t tell me they aren’t working on something else to take its place soon. ::sigh::

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