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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Protests Spread Across the Middle East

| On 17, Feb 2011

Anti-government sentiment is the new "black" in the Middle East!

In the wake of the successful uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, a handful of other North African and Middle Eastern states have decided that protest is the way to go!

Long story short, the gate has been blown wide the hell open because people there are tired of living in poverty, under authoritarian rule, and with no jobs in sight.

Here is where you can find additional, but smaller, protests post-Egypt/Tunisia:

  • Algeria
  • Bahrain – Protests have been completely banned by the government.
  • Iran – The government is scheduling an anti-opposition protest for February 18. President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad has already vowed to stamp out any uprisings. Remember the summer of 2009?
  • Jordan
  • Libya – Protests, though completely banned, have heated up in recent days. People are keeping a close eye on this one. Protesters have called for a “Day of Anger.” A reported 10,000 have taken to the streets on February 17. Uh oh…
  • Morocco
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria

The world is keeping an eye out on this region. They live under a mix of theocratic, democratic, and even authoritarian rule, so there are a lot of issues at play. Trust me, this unrest is FAR from over. People are tired of living in these repressive, old-guard ways in the 21st century.

You can always check the U.S. State Department’s website for the latest travel warnings and alerts. That’s actually a good place to look anytime you travel outside of the U.S.

And remember, if your travel agent tells you to go to any of the countries I listed in the near future, then please know that he/she DOES NOT LOVE YOU!

Be safe…

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