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Prune Juice Media | January 22, 2018

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Quote of the Day – President Obama In the Debt Talks

| On 14, Jul 2011

President Obama is not playing with Republicans about this debt ceiling issue.

President Obama had to roll up his sleeves and show the south side of Chicago on a few people in the debt ceiling talks yesterday.

As you may know, the country is broke. It needs to raise the debt ceiling limit before August 2 otherwise we will start to default on payments of interest, Social Security that we owe to creditors and citizens.

Long story short is that things got heated at Wednesday’s meeting to find a solution. Before storming out the room, President Obama hit Republicans with the following statement after he said he will NOT give into a short-term debt solution deal:

“This may bring down my presidency, but I will not yield.”

In English, the president said, “To hell with what you or the critics think! We have got to get this sh*t done for the long term!”

He needs to have moments like this more often and on national TV.

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