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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Rahm Emanuel Blows the Hell Up and Stays On Ballot

| On 25, Jan 2011

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel laid the SMACK DOWN. He will get to stay on the ballot for now.

There’s some breaking news following our post yesterday on Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral bid that was cut short by an appellate court.

The Illinois Supreme Court has granted a stay in the appellate court’s decision from yesterday. Now, the Chicago mayoral candidate is allowed to stay on the ballot. The Supreme Court has yet to decide whether they will hear Emanuel’s case, though.

Early voting begins on January 31 through election day on February 22. As of today, the ballots must have Rahm’s name on them, per the stay order from the court. So, that cancels any word from the Chicago Election Board saying otherwise.

I know that Rahm raised “$100 worth of hell” with the court to get that stay put in place. He didn’t take any shit in Washington, so you  know he’s got Chicago under his thumb. He is determined with every fiber of his short body that he WILL be King of Chicago. lol…

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