Rahm Emanuel Wins Chicago’s Mayoral Race

| On 22, Feb 2011

Rahm Emanuel has fought, clawed, and cursed out everyone he could to land the role of mayor of Chicago. Congrats!

The results are in. The former White House-firecracker-that-could Rahm Emanuel will now be the king mayor of Chicago.

Tuesday was election day across The Windy City and the voters overwhelming chose Rahmbo as their next leader. With 92% of precincts counted, polls show he earned 54% of the vote to Gery Chico, who only got 24.4%, according to the Chicago Tribune. Former U.S. Congresswoman Carol Mosely Braun was also in the race, but only got 8% of the vote. She conceded to Emanuel early in the evening and Chico gave in around 9:00 p.m. CT.

Now, Rahm’s dream of running Chicago has been realized. He can run the city with the same iron fist that he ran the White House with as President Obama’s last chief-of-staff. Expect to hear of people being cussed out, roughed up, or generally blown over by the tornado known as Rahm. lol…

Seriously though, Emanuel got what he wanted. Now he can live back in Chicago and be closer to his young children, something that he hated missing while in Washington, D.C. with the Obamas.

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