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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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Ralph Nader, Cornel West Seek Dem Challenger for Pres. Obama

| On 22, Sep 2011

Former presidential candidate Ralph Nader wants to shake things up for President Obama and give him a primary challenger. (Photo credit unknown)

I am all for democracy and letting your voice be heard. It’s kinda hard to hear it though when common sense has been thrown out the window.

Ralph Nader, former presidential candidate in every contest since 1992, has joined the growing list of people on the far-left that are disenchanted with President Obama. They claim the president has abandoned his progressive base, which is partly true.

Nader has, however, launched an effort to find primary challengers to President Obama in next year’s election. HUH?!

As far as name-recognition and timelines go, it’s a next to impossible effort. The Obama campaign is expecting $1 billion on hand to spend for Election 2012. Obama already has a job … oh yeah … he’s the PRESIDENT .. so the bully pulpit is in his favor.

This is like dropping a goldfish in a shark tank and walking away. Who in their right mind would go for this as a candidate? They have to suspect they are going to lose from the outset. Many of the GOP candidates have better footing and most of them SUCK as candidates.

The effort, in my opinion, is too little – too late for a political campaign. The Iowa caucuses are in January. That’s a little less than four months away. Whomever these candidates are, they will have to be as or more popular than the president in 16 weeks to make an impact. Impossible.

Along with several other people, Princeton University professor Cornel West is joining Nader’s effort. Dr. West has made headlines recently with his Poverty Tour with radio show co-host Tavis Smiley. The two have attempted to fan the flames of discontent specifically among African-American voters.

My spirit is telling me this is a colossal waste of time. How about you?

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