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Recap of the Tired FOX News-Google Republican Presidential Debate

| On 23, Sep 2011

This update on the FOX News-Google Republican Debate is a bit late, but cut me some slack. We’ve had 85 debates in the past two weeks. My pillow was calling me a little louder than the computer last night. LOL!

I did watch the debate live on TV and tweeted about it on Twitter @PruneJuiceMedia. Follow me over there and read some of my updates. They are funny.

The debate was essentially a recycled and repackaged version of the previous debates. Same talking points, arguments, diversions, insults, etc. There was very little new or revealing information presented.

There was, however, an additional debater this time. His name is Gary Johnson and he is the former governor of New Mexico. He had the least amount of name recognition and support on the stage and now I see why. He’s from the Ron Paul school of Libertarian thinking that says “slash every damn thing and call it a plan.” His nickname in office in New Mexico was “Governor Veto” due to his opposition on so many bills.

Here are the WTF moments in their all their glory. You can also watch the full debate if you click the YouTube link above.

  • The moderators’ questions were loaded more than a semi-automatic rifle in a drug cartel. I felt like I was watching a FOX News opinion panel on “Hannity.” FOX got several of their “news” talking points into the questions.
  • The Mitt vs. Rick jabs continued last night. The media love playing up their opposing frontrunner statuses. It’s really silly if you ask me. However, I think Mitt looks like the better candidate.
  • Rick Perry stumbles a lot when he is presented with or must explain a lot of information. He has done that in all of the debates so far. However, if he has an issue with someone or something, he’s like a steamroller. Rick snatches their wigs!
  • Michele Bachmann was on message as usual. She hit her high points about her hatred for Obamacare and the HPV vaccine, and how she gave birth and nursed 224 children from her own tits. ::sigh::
  • I’m still trying to figure out why Ron Paul is in the race. All he does is talk about how he wants to cut every federal department, yet he’s running for a federal office. Helen Keller could see he won’t be elected.
  • A gay U.S. soldier sent a YouTube video question asking about how the candidates would approach “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” if they were president. The soldier’s video elicited boos from the audience. How tacky, even if they didn’t agree with his position?! When is it ever ok to boo U.S. troops? Wow.
  • There were several calls during the debate for the elimination of the Department of Education. When in the name of Jesus has THAT been ok? Many of the candidates believe that education is strictly a state and local function. Yet, several of the states and localities are flat broke (not that the feds aren’t either). But still….
  • Speaking of eliminating the Dept. of Education … Rick Perry mispronounced the word “dissenting” during the debate, instead going for “DIE-ssenting.” Rick Santorum, in a line about foreign policy, said “Afghanis-TINE” for “Afghanistan.” Clearly neither of them have benefited from what the Dept. of Education has to offer.
  • The acoustics of the debate were awful. Some people’s mics weren’t all the way on. It sounded like everyone was blabbing into an echo chamber.
  • We know Google co-sponsored the debate. But, the constant name-dropping of the brand and YouTube (which Google owns), and the annoying GChat timer during the debate just about sent me over the edge.
  • FOX ain’t shit for giving Gary Johnson the question about how he would handle U.S.-Cuba relations if he were president. Umm, the debate was in Florida of all places! You know they already have strong opinions about the issue there. Bachmann followed up in true bigot form and said she would have no contact with Cuba. That’s why she’s going to be at home on January 20, 2013.
  • Herman Cain came to showcase his big ideas last night. He talked about all he knows … the 9-9-9 flat-tax model, the Chilean model of Social Security, and how he was a pizza chain executive. Next!
  • Some of the candidates hit the audience’s sweet spot with the stupid debate about an English-only society. ¿Como es usted?
  • Last but certainly not least, we the people of the United States of America officially have Republican debate fatigue. Please give us a month or two off from this back-and-forth about the same topics. The next debate should feature a bonus round, physical challenge, or a Wipeout type of obstacle course. Change it up a bit! lol…


What did you think of the FOX News-Google Republican Presidential Debate?

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