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Reince Priebus Elected New RNC Chair

| On 15, Jan 2011

Reince Priebus is the new, and much younger, face of the GOP's national efforts. I'll high-five him for kicking Michael Steele out of office.

If you listen closely, you can hear the shouts and feel the cartwheels and double somersaults of people at the Republican National Committee headquarters.

Michael Steele, the embattled leader of the RNC, has been given his official walking papers! In fact, he dropped out of the race after several rounds of voting.

Now Reince Priebus, 38, the former Wisconsin GOP chair, sits as chairman of the decision-making body of the Republican Party. He used to be cool with Mikey, but all that went down the toilet once he (Priebus) entered the race against Steele.

It’s kinda weird that Steele would be mad at Priebus when you think about it. I know good and damn well Mikey didn’t think the GOP was going to give him the steering wheel to drive them back into hell for another two years? I think the GOP would have elected Osama bin Laden as their chairman before they would RE-elect Steele.

Anyway, Priebus is the new RNC chair and observers know there will be a new direction and focus at the organization. His two-year term is going to be very important to the GOP. He will lead the efforts to replace Barack Obama after his first term with a viable Republican contender. ::coughNOTSARAHPALINcough:: He’s also charged with fundraising and getting a greater conservative presence in Congress in 2012.

So basically, Priebus better invest in a great coffeemaker because he’s going to have some late nights fooling with these other Republicans…

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