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Rick Larsen Fires Three Congressional Staffers for Inappropriate Tweets

| On 09, Dec 2011

Rep. Rick Larsen (D-WA) laid the smack hand down on three wayward staffers on Thursday. He fired them for alleged inappropriate work and social media conduct. (Photo credit unknown)

It’s rough out in the mean streets of Twitter. You have to watch your back at all times!

But, what you NEVER do is wreak havoc for your employer in social media. And that’s exactly what three Congressional staffers have done over the past four months.

Rep. Rick Larsen (D-Washington) showed a few of his staff members to the bright red exit sign on Thursday. It was discovered that the staffers were tweeting inappropriate things about him and their actions in the office.

Seth Burroughs, Elizabeth Robbee, and Ben Byers — all legislative assistants — were let go from there positions due to the alleged tweets.¬†Seems the three were intent on spending much of December in a drunken stupor. They talked about taking shots of Jack Daniels at 9:00 a.m. at work, made fun of Larsen, and used foul language (i.e., calling him a “pu$$y”).

Check out this article to see screen caps of the actual tweets.

The tweets were sent from personal accounts and not related to official Congressional business. Someone got access to them and they made their way to the upper ranks in his office.

Within just over an hour of discovering the messages, all three employees were shown the door. Talk about a quick HR turnaround time?!

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