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Prune Juice Media | April 21, 2014

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Rick Perry Leased Former “Niggerhead” Ranch in TX

| On 03, Oct 2011

Welp, Rick Perry found himself in a whole lotta hot sh*t this past weekend with the "Niggerhead" ranch. (Photo credit unknown)

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has waded into the racial waters already in these early days of the campaign.

Word has surfaced that a hunting ranch formerly leased by Gov. Perry had the word “Niggerhead” written on rocks at several points throughout the property.

Of course, Perry is saying that when he father began leasing the property about 30 years ago, he painted over all of the offensive language immediately. Well, that doesn’t fit in with witnesses who say that Perry hosted lawmakers and hunting events at the ranch while the words were still on the rock. These eyewitness accounts are within the past 14 years.

The governor was on the lease of the property from 1997-2007. He has been governor of Texas since 2001. You do the math about what the rock said when.

Trust me, Gov. Perry is in full “cover-thine-ass” mode on this bright, sunny Monday morning. He is saying that the offensive rocks were turned over. Other reports say his dad painted over the rocks. Then the governor says that he hasn’t been there since 2006. Whatever happened, I bet you can’t find a damn pebble on the property today!

Perry has admitted that the property USED to say “Niggerhead” before his family was involved with it. He’s just trying to let you know that it was THE FORMER OWNERS and not his Afrocentric-loving, back to the Motherland, “We have several black friends…” family.

Is that me, or do you hear the sweet sound of the Perry family writing a fat check to the United Negro College Fund this morning?


  1. Frank Talk

    It's "racist" to even pose the question towards Gov. Perry and any other whites/Jews (our former enslavers).

    When Blacks are accused of something the media writes and portrays it like just the accusation (Emmett Till style, political prisoners, lynchmob courts trials) is enough to be guilty.

    If just the claim is good enough to convict Blacks, just the claim should go unchallenged for non-Blacks.

  2. Mark jones


    Niggerhead used to be on a map put out by the government. That was the name for well over 100 years. It’s a large hill. The hill next to it is called Babyhead. Do you know why? Story is and always has been, that there was an Indian raid in the late 1800′s. A family was attacked. Baby was killed. Black man was killed. Women were taken. Baby’s head was placed on a spear at the top of one hill, the black man’s head was put on a spear on another hill (now know as nightshade hill,…or niggerhead for short).

    Funny. Same Libs that are hammering this on Perry,…are the same idiots that think all Indians were peace loving people.

    If Perry named it,…I’d agree.
    If he changed the name to Obamahead, I’d
    But, getting upset about this reminds me of another ignorant lib I used to know that was upset about the name of the Brownsville. It’s at the southern most tip of Texas and is approximately 90% Hispanic. This lib thought it was named Brownsville because of the color of the people there. Moron.

  3. Miss Linda

    ". . . do you hear the sweet sound of the Perry family writing a fat check to the United Negro College Fund this morning?" Is it OK to still use the word "negro"?

  4. ybl

    I'm sorry, I mean there are, not their are.

  5. ybl

    I wasn't supposed to laught at this. Hermain Cain for president? Their are racists on each side of the aisles. But the whole "N—erhead" ranch in Texas? I laughed! At least they are out and honest about it. This won't hurt them, and this is the way a lot of people feel and live their lives. Some people just HATE black people. I'm exhausted.

    • Miss Linda

      and some people just HATE, HATE, HATE white folks.

      the only people who ever use the "n" word are Black people.

      Herman Cain is a man of principle, who speaks the truth, is wise, accomplished and a born leader. I am sick of manufactured candidatesand leaders who are no more than empty suits.

      • Brian

        hate to say it miss linda you are wrong about blacks being the only people who ever use that word… Just recently I was dealing with an issue between workers. The word was used and caused a big altercation. This was a 40 year old man who used it. We do not tolerate this in any way and we had to terminate him…

  6. Miss Linda

    The late Sen. Robert Byrd (Democrat) had been a ranking member of the KKK. After signing the Civil Rights Act, Lyndon Johnson told associates that the :n—–s will vote for us (the Dems) for the next 200 years" The racist left is bashing Black Republican candidate Herman Cain. even some rBlacks call him an "oreo" (Black on the outside, White on the inside) Suppose real and blatant racism is ok if it comes from Democrats and accusations of racism against Republicans, no matter how false and ridiculous, must be true if the accusations are made by Democrats. By the way, Herman Cain for President!!

    • Sukka Mc

      Racism is bad , no matter where it comes from. it shouldn't be a democratic or republican issue. But this idiot is trying to run for President. It shows that even conservatives are sheep.

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