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Ron Paul and Donald Trump Get Into Written Smackdown About Debate

| On 05, Dec 2011

Ron Paul ain't hearing none of what Donald Trump may have to say as moderator of the GOP debate on December 27 in Iowa. LOL! (Photo credit unknown)

When GOP candidate Ron Paul got word that Donald Trump would be hosting and GOP debate and inviting him the response was simple. HELL NO!!

The 11-term Texas Congressman quickly declined Trump’s invitation to the December 27 debate he will moderate in Iowa. Paul thinks its ludicrous for Trump to moderate anything. He said in a press release that Trump moderating a debate “is beneath the office of the Presidency and flies in the face of that office’s history and dignity.”

Trump, never one to cower in a fight, had a prompt response to Paul’s statement. He called Paul “a clown-like candidate” and, as he has on other occasions, said that Paul would not be elected. All of this because Paul rejected his offer and stated valid reasons why? Damn…

This further plays into the point of Donald Trump being an attention whore and using the political process to shine the light on himself. He fanned the flames about President Obama’s birth certificate only to be shut down. Then he dropped out of the presidential race. Now he wants to moderate a debate and possibly jump back in the race. WTF??

It doesn’t surprise me that Mr. Constitution himself, Ron Paul, turned Trump down. Despite a lot of his fringe ideas, he does stick to Constitutional principles pretty well. If Trump hadn’t made a mockery of the process so soon then perhaps Paul would feel differently.

In short, Ron Paul is too old to give a proper damn about Donald Trump, his feelings, money, or this debate! I support his decision 100 percent.

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