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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Same-Day Voter Registration Wins In Maine

| On 09, Nov 2011

The Maine Statehouse was the scene of the crime of voter suppression this Spring. Voters put an end to that on Tuesday, however. (Photo credit unknown)

The GOP efforts to stifle voter attempts ahead of the 2012 election hit a road block in Maine on Tuesday.

Voters reinstated a former law that allows people to register to vote before and on any given election day. The Republican Legislature passed an updated law earlier this year that forced a cut-off time of two business days ahead of a polling day. Democrats cried foul, saying the effort was part of a larger scheme to stifle votes in the state and across the U.S.

As Ohio did with collective bargaining for public employees, the Maine issue then went to a referendum vote for the people this week. Voters defiantly repealed the GOP’s two-day cutoff and went back to the system they have had since 1973.

This vote was part of a larger national wave of push-back against conservative policies in yesterday’s off-year election. Issues such as union workers’ rights, abortion, and even Sunday liquor sales were up for a vote across the country . They each tilted to the more liberal side of the spectrum.

An issue here that really pisses me off is the GOP push to suppress the vote ahead of 2012. Conservatives are trying to make it as hard as possible for anyone not voting in their favor to reach the polls. We have already seen strict voter ID laws passed, curbs in early voting, and now attacks on same-day registration.

The Maine issue shows you just how vigilant everyone in every community needs to be ahead of November 2012!

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