Sarah Palin Axes Presidential Hopes for 2012

| On 06, Oct 2011

Jokes on YOU! Sarah Palin is not running for president in 2012. (Photo credit unknown)

God is an awesome and prayer-answering Messiah.

Today, we were blessed with the great fortune of learning that Sarah Palin WILL NOT be running for president in 2012.

Palin says she is committing herself and her cause to defeating President Obama and Democrats on the state and federal level, as she has in past elections.

I guess it’s much easier for Palin to sit back and criticize the president than to offer real solutions. America surely is looking to the Quitter-In-Chief and her whole 1/2 term of experience as the guidepost by which we measure our elected officials. In short, Palin is going to continue to pimp herself out to the media and get her coins for throwing rocks at Democrats. It’s a solid business plan for her.

Many of my readers, I’m sure, couldn’t rub two damns together to give about her announcement. It’s all good. She would have jumped in the race too late and hung her own self.

There is a strong irony in the whole thing. Palin revealed she wasn’t running for POTUS just minutes before Apple announced that its founder Steve Jobs passed away from pancreatic cancer at age 56. Her attempt at owning the news cycle was crushed under the weight of all things Apple. It seems that America, for once, cared about the real leader and visionary that Jobs was than this ACT that Sarah Palin has put on for three years.

Sarah Palin could take some notes about hard work from Steve Jobs. Real talk.

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