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Sarah Palin Seeks GOP Sympathies On Hannity

| On 20, Jan 2011



On Tuesday night, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin appeared on ‘Hannity’ on FOX News. (What a surprise there…)

Palin’s aim was to set the record straight about any links of her name to the events in Tucson, Arizona on January 8. Since the shootings, some people believe that her electoral targets against certain Congressional representatives (using gun-like references) could have fueled the shooting. Personally, I don’t think it did, but I can see how she may have stepped too far.

The controversy was about a map with crosshairs highlighting specific districts where the healthcare bill passed that needed to be targeted for GOP victory in 2010. The district of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), the victim of a January 8 assassination attempt, is highlighted on the map.

Palin spent most of the 30 minute interview on the defensive. She wasn’t against Sean Hannity, but rather Democrats and the “lamestream media,” as she likes to put it, that she feels have unfairly characterized her. She claimed the interview was not an attempt to clear her name. But, after watching it, THAT’S A DAMN LIE!

The interview was full of Republican talking points, cheap shots at Democrats and the media, and basically a staged and prepped way for Sarah Palin to clear her name. She was clearly reading from cue cards at several points in the segment.

It’s so sad that Palin can only do softball interviews like this to get her points across. Yet, she still wants to be PRESIDENT?! GTFOH!!

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