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Prune Juice Media | December 15, 2017

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Sarah Palin Renews Restraining Order Against Family of Loony Stalkers

| On 10, May 2011

(Photo courtesy of Political Humor)

It seems that the crazies have found one of the queens of crazy herself, Sarah Palin.

The former presidential candidate had her day in an courtroom against a family hell-bent on stalking her. The judge renewed Sarah Palin’s restraining order against 19-year-old Shawn Christy and issued a new one for his father Craig Christy. The boy’s mother, Karen Christy, does not fall under the restraining order even though she phoned Palin’s parents twice.

Both men were accused of stalking Palin by sending her emails and gifts, organizing protests at her events, and calling her parents repeatedly. Shawn Christy admitted he threatened to rape Palin. His parents claim that Ms. Palin was engaged in a “sexting” relationship with their son. WTF?!

Both Palin and the Christy family, of McAdoo, Pennsylvania, testified via phone to the State Superior Court in Anchorage, Alaska. Palin said she feared for she and her family’s safety. The judge did not, however, grant Palin’s father a request for a restraining order because he failed to show up for the hearing.

The restraining order says that Shawn and Craig Christy can have no contact with Ms. Palin or her family. They are to stay away from her residence and any schools in Wasilla, Alaska. They also have to remain 1,000 feet outside of any public event for Palin.

Shawn Christy has been investigated in the past for leveling threats at President Obama and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), Palin’s former 2008 presidential running mate.

It’s sad to think the lengths that some people will go for attention. I thought Sarah Palin was crazy for spewing some of her views on a national stage. But, that doesn’t hardly compare to what this family was doing to her. I do hope she and her family are safe.

Sidenote: While the judge is handing out restraining orders, can he give America one against Palin and her radical views? I thought I’d ask since he was in a giving mood today. :-/

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