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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Sarah Palin Roasts Katie Couric As She Quits CBS News

| On 27, Apr 2011

Here's a still shot from the disastrous 2008 interview with Katie Couric and Sarah Palin.

Sometimes it’s hard not to kick someone when they are down. The more mature among us know that revenge comes in other forms.

Not Sarah Palin, though. She put on her fresh pair of pumps and tried to get the last word in on Katie Couric as she is making her exit at CBS News.

Couric has not been a ratings draw hosting the nightly news program. So, she’s on her way out to “pursue new opportunities.” This was Palin’s opportunity to strike. She was talking to Greta Van Susteren of FOX News about Couric’s departure. According to Politico, Palin said:

“Yea, I think I read that in a newspaper” — really focusing on the word “newspaper” — “one of many newspapers that I read, online.”

And yea, I hear that she wants to now engage in more multi-dimensional story-telling, versus, I guess, just the straight-on reading-into-that-teleprompter-screen story-telling. So more power to her. I wish her well with her multi-dimensional story telling.”

If nothing else, Sarah Palin knows she has a smart ass mouth! But, Katie Couric has been in news since the late 1970s and/or early 1980s and has been a national anchor on two major networks since 1991. Her resumé shits on every facet of Sarah Palin’s life.

Here’s some background on the tension, though. Palin doesn’t like Couric AT ALL for showing the world what an illiterate ass she (Palin) really is. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Katie stumped Sarah with the easiest of questions (i.e., “What newspapers specifically do you read?”). That, plus their entire interview full of ‘Saturday Night Live’ satire material, pissed Sarah Palin off.

Palin never forgot what (she perceived) as the wrong Katie Couric did to her. Never mind that Couric was only doing her job and the questions she asked were elementary at best. Couric OWNED Sarah Palin on national TV and she’s still bitter about it.

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