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Prune Juice Media | December 13, 2017

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SC Gas Station Named After President Obama

| On 01, Jun 2011

Just when I thought I had seen President Obama’s name pimped to the highest capitalistic heavens, now this comes in.

About two weeks ago, I got word on a story about a gas station in Columbia, South Carolina that was recently bought and renamed after President Obama. In fact, the station is simply called “Obama” and features (what seems to be) a trademark-infringed version of the Obama campaign logo.

My first thoughts are … eh, this is pretty tacky. The neighboring business owner in the clip above made a good point that seeing the president’s face next to a billboard touting “Beer Wine Cigarettes” is not a really good look for the Commander-in-Chief.

I know good and well that Barack Hussein Obama did not strike his good ink-dipped White House pen to ANY written legal authorization for the use of his image or logo. And we all know that Mrs. Obama would clean house in that gas station if she found out cigarettes, sugared sodas, and snacks with trans-fats were being sold in a place bearing her man’s name. lol..

The other thing that kinda got under my skin was that the gas station renaming doesn’t seem to be out of respect for the president. It seems to be more of a move to cater to the African-American community, low prices, and their perceived love for all things Obama. A GAS STATION?! I thought Obama sets of plateware and Chia pets molded like his head were bad … but a gas station?! Wow.

Sidenote: There is also another gas station in Detroit, Michigan bearing the president’s name. What well of WTF are these people drinking from?

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