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Prune Juice Media | January 23, 2018

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Senate Says “Negative” to $35B for Teachers and Firefighters

| On 24, Oct 2011

The U.S. Senate chamber is ground zero for aint-shitness in Washington, D.C. this month. (Photo credit unknown)

Republicans in the U.S. Senate should really be ashamed of themselves. I hope the American people are watching this scenario closely and taking down names.

Last Thursday evening, the Senate GOP members blocked debate on a specific portion of the American Jobs Act. The legislation is President Obama’s proposal to stimulate the economy by putting key groups of people back to work. The section that was up for a vote included $35 billion for hiring and retaining teachers and firefighters. On October 11, the Senate pulled a similar move by blocking debate on the entire bill.

The final vote was 50-50 on whether to debate the legislation. A total of 60 votes were needed to move past the filibuster, which clearly didn’t happen. All 47 Republicans voted against the measure. They were joined by three Democratic obstructionists — Sens. Mark Pryor (D-AR), Joe Lieberman (I-CT), and Ben Nelson (D-NE). 

With federal unemployment hovering at 9.1 percent and some states in the double digits, the White House is trying every avenue they can to put people back to work.

The strategy behind the vote is simple. Democrats desperately want to attack the unemployment problem with government solutions to spur further development. With so many under/un-employed people, they know this issue is first priority with voters. The three conservative Democrats/Independents who voted against the debate are sellouts, plain and simple.

Republicans, however, don’t want to see President Obama succeed in this term or be re-elected in 2012. So, they are argue for “free markets” to spur economic development – which means let the ship sink and let every man go for himself. The GOP also believes that less government regulation will get companies hiring. They forget that we operated under that system with President Bush and still had job losses.

Under the Republicans plan, I don’t see what the tit-for-tat hiring incentive will be. Companies with lots of liquid cash could be hiring right now, but they CHOOSE not to.

You better believe that you will hear more about this vote in next year’s election. Republicans are setting themselves up for nice argument showing how they don’t give a shit about the American people.

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