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Prune Juice Media | December 17, 2017

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Six-Year-Old Given Terror Pat-Down By TSA (VIDEO)

| On 13, Apr 2011

This is one of those videos that really doesn’t make sense to me. It has caused an uproar with some because it obviously involves a child, albeit a fully-dressed one. There is supposedly a TSA policy of no “explicit” pat-downs of children under the age of 13. Congress and the TSA have pledged to take a stronger look at this policy after the video went viral.

A couple captured the TSA pat-down of their six-year-old on camera at the airport in New Orleans recently. They were pretty heated that their six-year-old daughter was subjected to a full body pat-down. It’s unclear why the little girl got the extra attention – most likely she set the body scanner off or her parents elected not to send her through one at all.

I will say this, even though the TSA agent probably didn’t know she was being taped, she executed the pat-down in a professional manner. At each point, she explained to the child the area of her body that she was patting, etc. The parents were fully present and witnessed the entire thing. It’s no secret that “airport = an invasion of privacy” … so let’s not act super surprised that we have to go through screening. This screening, in my mind, isn’t “explicit.” It’s not like they stripped her nekkid in front of the NOLA airport.

On the other hand you have to wonder, why do this to a six-year-old?! I mean, really? Did they think she was in on a plan to take over the world with Dora the Explorer? lol… ::sigh::


Sidenote: Why did I know this happened in New Orleans as SOON as I heard the TSA agent talking? Her accent was so damn thick!

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