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Prune Juice Media | December 16, 2017

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So the “Weiner” Was Really Weiner’s

| On 08, Jun 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed this week to sending out the penis print picture that has "excited" the media for the past week and a half.

Murphy’s Law says EVERYTHING happens in the news world on our time off!

Most importantly, we found out that the underwear-covered penis print that mysteriously made its way Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter page last week was actually his. In a press conference on Monday, the Democratic New York congressman admitted that he sent the picture in question of of the semi-NSFW penis print. He did, however, say that he is NOT stepping down from his office.

It was revealed that Rep. Weiner was sending this photo and having inappropriate virtual contact with several young women. And umm yeah … he is a married man. His wife reportedly sought advice from Secy. of State Hillary Clinton about what she should do. Damn!

So, Weiner’s admission ends a week of his shitty attempts to cover up his mistake. He started by saying that someone may have “hacked” his Twitter account and posted the photo. Then he said he couldn’t be sure it was him or not in the photo. After a few techies spoke up and said that they could track whomever posted the photo, Weiner’s case weakened more.

In the end, Rep. Weiner had to give in to the media story that just wouldn’t go away that he was totally responsible for.

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