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REMINDER – State of the Union Address Is Tuesday

| On 21, Jan 2011

Don't be mad because your favorite TV show will be on hold Tuesday. The president will be giving his annual State of the Union address.

This is just a friendly reminder that the annual State of the Union speech is coming on January 25.

President Obama will speak to a joint session of Congress live at 9:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday night. As always, this is one of the biggest speeches that the president gives each year. It comes complete with the theatrics of Democrats, Republicans, and the media scrutinizing everything he says. After the speech, you will probably want to turn OFF your TV to keep from stabbing yourself. Some news channels and pundits will just take you there…

So, before you roll your hair, pop your popcorn, or get the DVR ready for your favorite primetime program on Tuesday … remember that I reminded you!

Sidenote: I will be live tweeting the SOTU speech from our Twitter page. If you’re on there, make sure you’re following @PruneJuiceMedia. In addition, there will also be regular posts on the site following the event.

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