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Prune Juice Media | April 16, 2014

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Steve Southerland Gets Down About His Job in Congress

| On 25, Aug 2011

Congressman Steve Southerland (R-FL) gave voters a reality check about his job in a townhall meeting this week. (Photo by

One member of Congress had an exceptionally real moment this week with his constituents when talking about the pressures of his job.

Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Florida) held a townhall meeting with his constituents and said that he is really not getting paid enough for all of what he goes through in Congress.

“And by the way, did I mention? They’re shooting at us,” Southerland said at the townhall. “If you think this job pays too much, with those kinds of risks and cutting me off from my family business, I’ll just tell you: This job don’t mean that much to me. I had a good life in Panama City.”

You could easily take his comment out of context and think that he doesn’t give a crap about his job. But, I kinda understand where he is coming from. Look at Gabrielle Giffords (D-Arizona). In all of her sweetness, no amount of love of country or public service (for me) is worth getting shot in the head AT A COMMUNITY EVENT!

The base salary for a member of Congress is $174,000/year. That equates to over $476/day. It puts them squarely on the upper end of income earners in the country.

All that money and they aren’t getting a damn thing done! ::sigh::


  1. Anonymous

    One person has consistently implemented his small government views. Ron Paul. He has refused both the pension plan and healthcare coverage. Plus, he doesn’t use nearly all of his staff budget.

  2. I think I should lament that they aren’t getting anything done. You have 435 people getting a base salary of $174,000/year. That’s over $75 million/year before bonuses, benefits, etc. I’m going to need to see some type of results for that investment.

    It’s fine to argue for smaller government, if that’s your preference. But these people kill me running for office to get there and promote “smaller government.” It’s funny how they won’t downsize themselves or their staffs out of the equation to get reduce the size of government.

  3. atkinsoniv

    You shouldn’t lament that they aren’t getting anything done. The less that a government does, the better off we are. If you will look back in time you will see that when the government lays off of the private sector, the private sector thrives. However, when they intervene for “the good of all” they destroy industries or drive them to foreign lands. Always remember that government cannot create anything. Everything that anyone receives from the government is taken from someone else through threat of force or imprisonment. When you get your “free” health care, remember that somebody else in this country paid for those services that you took advantage of. Also, Social Security is now a giant Ponzi scheme. There is no trust fund. The checks being cut now are paid for directly by the contributions that are being put in at the same time. Government won’t solve this time we’re in with more government, only with the dissolution of government.

    He isn’t getting paid enough? Tell him to take a vacation every other week like our president does. A president that pisses all over the constitution.

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