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Prune Juice Media | December 11, 2017

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“Stripper Love” Takes Over MO-Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

| On 22, Aug 2011

Missouri Lt. Gov. and Tea Party member Peter Kinder likes to watch a woman swing from a pole every now and again. lol... (Photo from

“Stripper love” must be more common than we think. It seems that a few elected representatives have caught the bug too.

Missouri’s Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R) is one of them. He has had to answer to local media about allegations that he frequented a strip club back in the 1990’s and became quite friendly with one of its female “employees.” He visited the dancer at work several times, gave her gifts, and turned up the heat on her.

Now I’m not going to sit here and act like he’s the FIRST person to ever enjoy a stripper’s work. lol.. But this man is a member of the Tea Party. He is an ultra-conservative and someone who says because he is a “Christian” he shouldn’t be looking at strippers. [Those are his words, not mine.]

Kinder has had some explaining to do recently for a couple of reasons.

First, he is widely expected to run for Missouri’s governor in 2012. He doesn’t need scantily-clad women swinging on poles in the Governor’s Mansion.

Also, photos have surfaced of Kinder and former Penthouse model Tammy Chapman, who was a dancer at the strip club in question years ago. He ran into her at a bar last winter and offered to put her up in his condo. She snapped a picture of them together and shared it with the media. Now that’s shady… lol.

Kinder, in the meantime, is trying to keep the focus on economic issues in Missouri. He claims the strip club allegations are the work of the local Democratic Party. Yeah …. I bet.

What’s with all of these hardcore Republicans in extramarital affairs, going to lesbian strip clubs, or getting caught in compromising positions with hookers and/or in bathrooms? Geez…

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